About Seamus

Seamus (pronounced shay-mus) Tierney is a multidisciplinary creative director based in Los Angeles, California. He creates visual concepts and transforms them into languages such as moving images, digital media, and spatial experiences. The authenticity of his work lies in his creative process, in which he blends his analog and hands-on exploration approaches with new digital tools. He narrates his stories through a fine aesthetic and the beauty of random coincidences; the result is a unique style that breaks through by reminding us of the human touch in a digital age.

Artist Statement

I am an award-winning visual communicator, dream weaver, and all-around creative junkie. I am a seasoned Creative Director, but first and foremost, I am an artist. I visualize designs and then bring those visuals to life by utilizing a multitude of mediums. I am a lover of all things clean and modern, with a unique perspective and focus on aesthetics, form, function, and usability. My work is directly influenced by the principles of the psychology of marketing – the who, what, where, when, and why that lead to the purchases we make. From what we eat to what we wear, there are reasons behind those decisions that ultimately define who we are as individuals. I believe that proper design cannot be limited to pictures and words on a page; proper design evokes emotions that lead to responses, and within those responses is where you will find the difference between good and great design.


Entertainment, Fashion, Sportswear, Automotive, Transportation, Computer, Beauty, Tech, Communications, Finance, Food & Beverage, Medical, Environmental, Art & Design, Show Production


Bugatti, Nike, Freightliner, National Seating, Dermapeutics, Subway, Curiocity, Gibson, Mapex Drums, Deck, Scotch & Soda, Nova Medical, Treat Planet, Samsung, Hummel Sportswear, Unilode, Panasonic, Virrral, Douglas Little, Ricki Criswell Skincare, Wilfit, BAM Productions, RAD PICS, Garrison Doors, Shaw Flooring, Berkshire Hathaway, Ortho East, Ribbon Communications, Paradigm Design, Max Cases, Miller Crane, Evolve, Warrior Instruments, Vera Wang, Chrome Hearts, Warner Bros, Umberto Luce, Krohne America


Creative Direction, Art direction, Film Direction, Video editing, Style frames / Look development, Strategy and Brand Development, Graphic and Motion Design, Spatial Installation and Set Design, Creative Consultancy, Website Design and Development, Creative Writing, Script Writing

Fun Facts

• I coached college soccer at Tufts University
• I am an avid motorcycle traveler
• I am a lover of all things NYC

Favorite Album: Grace | Jeff Buckley
Favorite Movie: There Will Be Blood | Paul Thomas Anderson
Favorite Book: Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road | Neil Peart

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