Hummel Sportswear

A Century of Quality

Hummel Sportswear

A Century of Quality


Hummel Sportswear, originating from Germany, embodies a rich heritage of athletic innovation since its founding in 1923. Renowned for its iconic chevrons and commitment to quality, Hummel merges style with performance, offering a diverse range of sportswear and equipment for soccer, handball, and other team sports. Embracing a philosophy of inclusivity and empowerment, Hummel’s designs exude a timeless appeal, fostering a global community of athletes and enthusiasts united by their passion for sport and fashion.


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Services Provided:

• Campaign DNA
• Creative Direction
• Tone of Voice
• Art Direction
• Collateral Design
• Website UI/UX Direction
• Video Production

Website Development

Four years ago Hummel made the decision to begin selling their products direct to consumers, which required the switch from a catalog-based website design to the online store that is currently represented. Their desire was to have a website that was fashion industry forward in its aesthetics while maintaining an easy-to-navigate and shop site, functional on all devices and platforms.

More Than Eleven

Campaign Launch

In late 2019 the Everton Football Club signed a six-year partnership with Hummel Sportswear. As soon as the kit design was developed and approved by the club I was brought in to consult on and develop the launch. The launch included a new catalog design, large-format stadium graphics, as well as three videos announcing the partnership.

Video Production

Here is the More Than Eleven video that I edited to support the Everton Campaign.

Collateral Design

The design for the Hummel sportswear brochure and in-store retail POP & POS was primarily lead by the content aesthetic of the website. Each year we try shaking things up a bit by changing the design layout format, which makes working with Hummel a lot of fun for me. I feel fortunate to have worked with a company with such an illustrious history, and products that speak to the quality and care that has been a staple of their production for nearly a century.