Fitness Goals Renewed


Fitness Goals Renewed


Working as a Contract Creative Director for WilFit in Los Angeles has been an incredibly rewarding experience, blending my passion for fitness and wellness with creative direction. Collaborating closely with WilFit’s team, I’ve had the opportunity to shape and execute innovative marketing strategies that resonate deeply with their health-conscious audience. From conceptualizing captivating brand campaigns to designing visually compelling assets, I’ve enjoyed leveraging my creative expertise to enhance WilFit’s brand presence and community engagement.


Health & Fitness

Services Provided:

• Campaign DNA
• Creative Direction
• Social Media Direction
• Tone of Voice
• Art Direction
• Website UI/UX Direction
• Video Production

Website Development

The development of the Wilfit website was focused on attracting new members to their facility in an already saturated Los Angeles fitness marketplace.  The message is one of inclusion. This is not a poser’s gym, rather it’s a place where people of all fitness levels come to be encouraged by their fellow members. Another important purpose of the website was to give the visitor a virtual tour of the WILFIT facility, which is one of the largest fitness/gym facilities in the city of Los Angeles, comprised of two city-block size floors of weight equipment and singular rooms devoted to a wide variety of classes and fitness instruction.

Video Production

My market research educated me concerning the main reasons why people either join a gym and don’t go or never join at all. The majority of the reasons were based on the fear of additional financial commitments in their lives, only slightly in front of people feeling embarrassed at where they presently are in their personal fitness.  The video I directed was focused on creating a message that everyone could relate to; the message of personal growth.  WILFIT used this video as the key component to help boost its membership numbers while creating an inviting message and relaxed atmosphere.

Location Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Lisa Garrett Photography on a location shoot for WILFIT Fitness. Together, we navigated the natural elements and architectural landscapes to capture the enormity of the WILFIT facility, by merging artistic vision with the raw authenticity of the environment.

Social Media Campaign

In today’s digital age, a strong social media campaign is paramount for brand visibility and engagement. It serves as a dynamic platform to connect with audiences, build brand loyalty, and amplify messaging, fostering a vibrant online community that extends far beyond traditional marketing channels. When directing the initial Instagram campaign for WILFIT, I focused on evoking the emotions of the visitors by inspiring them with colorful images, with information that was easy to digest in an instant. To review more of my social media work, Click Here!