Shaw Flooring

Designed with You in Mind

Shaw Flooring

Designed with You in Mind


Shaw Flooring is a leading global provider of innovative flooring solutions, renowned for its commitment to quality, design excellence, and sustainability. With a diverse portfolio ranging from carpet and hardwood to luxury vinyl and tile, Shaw caters to residential, commercial, and industrial markets, consistently delivering products that elevate spaces and inspire creativity.


Home Improvement, Flooring, Home Decor

Services Provided:

• Campaign DNA
• Creative Direction
• Tone of Voice
• Art Direction
• Website UI/UX Direction
• Video Production
• Collateral Design

Website Development

The only way for the Shaw website to properly serve its customers is to give them the ability to see their room with multiple examples of Shaw products. To accomplish this I created what is now know as the Floorvana+ addition to the website which allows customers the ability to upload images of their room and find their perfect flooring match. I also used a variety of parallax frames to make the visitor’s experience more inviting and exciting. All of these additions transfer seamlessly to all mobile devices.

Video Production

The 2020 launch of the FLOORVANA+ video was to promote the new technology that Shaw added to its website. The design allows customers to take a picture of their room, and upload it to the Shaw FLOORVANA+ website.  Once the image is uploaded the customer can then choose from dozens of floor-covering products from laminate to carpeting. This technology was the first of its kind in the industry and had a significant part in the steady growth of Shaw Flooring products over the past year.

Collateral Design

For several years I have been responsible for the design and creative direction of several of the Shaw Flooring Company’s brochures. Below you will find a small sample of some of the brochures that I designed for them. I designed each brochure showcasing the brand’s identity and guiding the reader seamlessly through its content, leaving a lasting impression about the Shaw brand and all of its flooring options.