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The Chiron Super Sport Launch 2016

Bugatti Automobiles

The Chiron Super Sport Launch 2016


Since its debut in 2016, the Bugatti Chiron has stood as one of the world’s standout hypersports cars. With a limited production run of just 500 units, the final Chiron has now been meticulously hand-assembled by the artisans in Molsheim. This bespoke marvel, known as ‘L’Ultime’, marks the end of an extraordinary era. The majority of my work was during 2015 as preparation for the 2016 launch of the Chiron to the marketplace.


Automotive, Luxury Sports Cars

Services Provided:

• Campaign DNA
• Creative Direction
• Tone of Voice
• Art Direction
• Website UI/UX Direction
• Video Production

Website Development

The Bugatti Chiron represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and design. Bugatti is renowned for its luxury and high-performance vehicles, and being chosen to lead the website design team for such an innovative and groundbreaking car gave me a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with Bugatti’s in-house design department. The good people at Bugatti gave me one directive, they wanted a clean design that would feature the creativity of the Chiron model while paying homage to Bugatti’s 115 years of luxury car-making history.

L’Ultime’: The End of the Chiron Era

Video Edit

Late in 2023, I was contacted by my friends at Bugatti to help in directing the edit of the farewell video to the Bugatti Chiron. Since 2016, the Bugatti Chiron has remained an incomparable icon of hypersports car performance. Limited to just 500 units, the final Chiron has now been hand-assembled by the craftspeople in Molsheim; a vibrant piece of bespoke art known as ‘L’Ultime’. This final farewell to Chiron marks the closing of an extraordinary era of performance that saw it become the first 1,500 PS roadgoing car as well as the first production car to surpass 300 mph. And just as it entered the world with spectacular elegance and power, so too does its production end, on the cusp of an all-new Bugatti era.

App Design

Chiron Order / Dealer Finder

As a lead up to the 2016 launch of the Chiron, Bugatti asked me to assemble a team of developers to design an app wherein customers could customize the Chiron model of their dreams. Not only could the customers choose from a variety of color combinations for the exterior, and interior of the Chiron, but they could also choose the wheels, find their nearest dealer, and access dozens of useful resources to help them place their Chiron order.

Collateral Design

The marketing collateral design for the Bugatti Chiron would aim to evoke a sense of awe and aspiration, positioning the car as the ultimate symbol of luxury and performance. Through a combination of captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and strategic placement, Bugatti would attract discerning buyers who crave the thrill of owning the world’s most exclusive supercar.