Mapex Drums

Redefining Industry Standards

Having previously worked with Mapex Drums as their Artist Relations and Marketing/Creative Director, made the transition into working with them on a contract basis seamless. My time with the company allowed me to understand their core values and the care and consideration they put into designing and developing every single product they bring to the marketplace.

Industry: Musical Instrument, Entertainment

Project Scope: Art Direction, Website Design, Collateral Design, Package Design

Website Development

My goal when designing the Mapex website was to deliver an impactful, visually stunning web experience that elevates the online web presence of the Mapex brand. I constantly challenge myself to always deliver something fresh, something new, and something that gets results.

Collateral Design

For Mapex, I delivered fully integrated campaigns that leveraged magazines, newspapers, posters, videos, and in-store POP designs.

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