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    “I couldn’t be happier with the work Seamus Tierney has done for my site over the last five years. He has a wonderful eye for design, works extremely fast and is very open to suggestions. Seamus has that unusual blend of artistic talent with technical skill that makes his design work both extremely effective and beautiful. I find working with him to be stress free, fun and his own energy is quite infectious.”  – Wednesday Mourning

  • Design Responsibilities

    • Complete Custom WordPress site design
    • Designed all aesthetics and visuals
    • Designed a NEW Branding Package
    • All Coding, Animations, etc.

    Site Overview

    Ask Wednesday Mourning to describe herself, and she will probably tell you that she’s “A Very Strange Girl”. I have been working with Wednesday for the the past six years, and have found her to be one of the most uniquely honest and positive people I have ever known. When I first met WM I was excited about the opportunity to work with someone who not only trusted my artistic vision, but who also gave me free-reign throughout the entire design process.

    The first website I designed for Wednesday Mourning was very dramatic, utilizing all that Flash and After Effects had to offer. For this website design, I used very little Flash, mirroring the effects in HTML5 for mobile devices. I paid very close attention to capturing the right aesthetic combination for each page that would blend nicely with the style and grace that is Wednesday Mourning.

    With this NEW design, I utilized the WordPress platform, along with a custom design, to give Wednesday the all-important ability for her to be able to access the backend of her website, and make changes when necessary.

    You can watch Wednesday Mourning on the SyFy network in the television show “Oddities – San Francisco”.  Click Here for More Information →

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