• FEATURED WEBSITE DESIGN – Warrior Instruments

  • Design Responsibilities

    • Custom WordPress Website Design
    • Guitar Series Branding
    • Designed all aesthetics and visuals
    • All Coding, Animations, etc.

    Site Overview

    Nestled in the woods of Northern Georgia is the small, but happening company known as Warrior Instruments. For twenty years, J Dran and his assembled team of notable craftsmen, have been creating some of the most beautiful custom electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars available today.

    Whenever I build a new Warrior Guitar, or Warrior Bass Guitar website, I find myself digging through the darker side of website design. J Dran, the owner of Warrior Instruments, likes “moody”. He craves a “Rock N Roll” aesthetic, without the death-metal tip. Two words go through my head when designing a new Warrior website; “Dirty” and Grunge”. All of the Warrior Instruments are works of art, so the site design must convey a certain look, without taking away from the beauty of the instruments.

    Both of the Warrior websites that I designed, always get a lot of compliments. They make great guitars, so the website should be equally as special.

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