• Design Responsibilities

    • Complete WordPress site design
    • Designed all aesthetics and visuals
    • Designed a NEW Branding Package
    • All Coding, Animations, etc.

    Site Overview

    SpeedSac™ is dedicated to those that are dedicated! SpeedSac provides the latest in speed training equipment for athletes looking to get the most out of their individual and/or team strength and conditioning programs. If your goal is to be the very best, SpeedSac™ has a great selection of products to help you do so.

    Chris Gilberti, the owner and creator of The Original SpeedSac™, contacted me to discuss what could be done with their (then) present website. The site didn’t represent the product properly. It was difficult to navigate, and looked like it was designed ten years ago. I went away with a list of elements that Chris wanted to include in the site, and came back to him with a site design proof that was very close to the final product.

    Being an athlete myself, I knew immediately what it was that I would like to see in a product website. I needed to use colors and images that would not only speak the quality of the SpeedSac™, but also offer me just the right mount of information to help make my purchasing decision. I didn’t want to try to over-sell a product that really did need me to do that.

    The SpeedSac™ is an awesome product, and I am very happy to have been chosen to design the website.

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