• Design Responsibilities

    • Flash/HTML/CSS website design
    • HTML5 mobile device website design
    • Designed all aesthetics and visuals
    • All Coding, Animations, etc.

    Site Overview

    Anita Majumdar is an award-winning actress, playwright, and dancer raised in Port Moody, British Columbia. On the list of triple-threats of talent, beauty, and comedic timing, Anita Majumdar’s name is certainly near the top. If you question my judgement, simply watch the video that I included on this page.

    Like many other of my Flash/HTML/CSS based websites, Anita’s website has received a lot of attention from people who visit my portfolio. I really enjoyed working with Anita on this design, as she gave me complete control over all of the aesthetics and layout. She was super-easy to work with, and very proactive in supplying me with the elements I needed.

    Anita had but one request for the design of this site, and that was for me not to focus too much on her heritage, and to make this site bring out the versatility she possesses as a performer.

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